Range of cushions, tablecloths, brocade curtains

One of the finest range of textiles made of mixed silk and lined with a luxurious ribbon of Indian brocade. In the same style, find the cushions, pillow, tablecloths, table runner, curtains, duffel ...

Brocade range


  • Cushions 40x40 cm
    Indian cushions with brocade edges in 40x40 cm.
  • cushions 60x60 cm
    Indian cushions with brocade edges in 60x60 cm.
  • brocade curtains
    brocade curtains with board saree. 8 colors. Dimensions: 110 x 250 cm. Materials : brocade saree and edges . Care: Wash cold or dry clean . Products manufactured in New Delhi. THEY ARE SOLD BY PIECE ! !
  • Duffel brocade
    Duffel Indian brocade saree with edge . 9 colors . sizes: 65 long and 23 in diameter and 60x14 cm. All rests are supplied with the interior trim.
  • Nappes brocard

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